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The difference between Seeking and Offering in AgriShare

21 May 2022


AgriShare app was designed with the end-user in mind. As a growing phenomenon, navigating technology platforms could be a rather daring experience. Opening AgriShare App and while on it you are not sure whether you are seeking or offering services could be frustrating.

So, let’s walk you through this;


The interface of Seeking section of AgriShare App


Seek and ye shall find! AgriShare App is a one-stop shop for anything throughout the Agricultural value chain. Through the Seeking interface, farmers are able to search from a host of resources listed. The trending list is automatically created, for the farmer to tell the most sought-after resource. Interestingly, you can hire a resource on behalf of another person. On that note, if you love your parents, that offer deserves a great thought.


Seeking Scenario: You need a tractor. The sole owner in your village is asking for crazy rent prices. Go to the AgriShare App in the ‘seeking’ section, click on the tractor button and click ‘Me’.

The list of services tractors offer will appear. Select service. You will be prompted to fill in the size of the field in acres. The next step is to fill in the ‘start date’ and lastly the location where the services will be offered. 

In this scenario, a list of tractors close to you will freely be shown with photo, prices, distance from your location, plus other details.


This term is used in reference to resource owners who own different resources that may be lying idle or are at the moment out of work. In the demand and supply theory, the offering is ‘supply’. This step is very important to the AgriShare transaction process since, without resources listed, there is ultimately no business.

Resources that are on offer on the AgriShare Application include tractors, trucks, processing plants, buses, irrigation systems, labor, and land.

Why list your resources?

Your guess is as good as mine. Offering resources on AgriShare helps you to earn extra cash. So how about if that tractor you use once in a fortnight had business every day? Mouthwatering!

Secondly, sharing is caring! What use- is it, for your land to go sleepy idle, while your neighbor or fellow farmer is struggling to find barely a spade full of soil for farming? There is no joy in possession without sharing, so the adage goes!


So is it user-friendly to list resources on the app?

Absolutely! As soon as you open the AgriShare App, the first interface is for those seeking services. At the bottom of the page are three icons. The middle one leads you to ‘offering’. Click on the ‘Add listing’ button and fill in the details of the resource. Click the Add button, which is at the bottom of the page too. Sit back, relax and wait for orders!

Is everything good? Let’s meet on AgriShare App.

Summary: Seeking and Offering on AgriShare App


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