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Engineering Solutions and AgriShare Uganda Announce Strategic Partnership to Boost Agricultural Sector

10 June 2023

The partnership between Engineering Solutions (U) Ltd and Agrishare Uganda Ltd was officially established on May 24, 2023. The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) took place at Engineering Solutions' offices in the Industrial Area, with representatives including Ian Walker, Managing Director of Engineering Solutions, and Paul Zaake, Managing Director of AgriShare Uganda. The signing was witnessed by Med Mwiri, Head of Sales & Marketing, and Jayadeep Akkireddy, a member of the Board of Directors at AgriShare Uganda, who expressed a warm welcome to the partnership.

The majority of Uganda's farmers are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who lack the capacity to purchase agricultural equipment but require mechanization services to enhance production, efficiency, and processing capabilities.

Agrishare has emerged as a leading provider of a mobile phone-enabled platform that connects asset-limited farmers with commercial or private hiring services for production, processing, and transportation. By bridging the gap between resource owners and smallholder farmers, Agrishare facilitates affordable and convenient access to farming machinery and resources.

Paul Zaake, Managing Director of AgriShare Uganda Ltd, expressed his satisfaction with the signing of the MOU, stating, "We are pleased to solidify our partnership in the agricultural sector. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in enhancing cooperation and maximizing opportunities within the industry. Together, we will leverage our expertise, resources, and networks to achieve mutual growth and success."

Med Mwiri, Head of Sales and Marketing at Engineering Solutions, emphasized the objective of supporting contract service providers in delivering reliable, quality, and cost-effective tractor services to smallholder farmers, enabling their transition into commercial agriculture producers. Mwiri added, "The majority of Ugandan farmers have the capacity to hire but have lacked a platform to facilitate and support them. Agrishare has arrived at the right time, and our company is fully committed to supporting this cause in every possible way."

The signing ceremony was witnessed by Fred Lukandwa and Willy Mwesigwa from Engineering Solutions, who expressed their appreciation and pledged support for the proposed project. They further emphasized that their teams would provide operator and technical training to tractor contract service providers, as well as offer competitive and efficient after-sales support to improve tractor performance and reduce downtime. These efforts will empower smallholder farmers to increase their production levels.

"While signing the MOU is an important milestone, we are fully aware that the true value lies in the implementation phase," stated Paul Zaake. "We understand that successful execution is crucial for achieving the desired results."

Both Engineering Solutions and AgriShare Uganda are eager to embark on this transformative journey, revolutionizing the agricultural landscape and fostering sustainable growth in Uganda's farming community.

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