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How to Register and Earn Extra Income as AgriShare Affiliate Agent in Uganda

8 November 2022

If you are in Uganda, whether individual or agricultural outlet, you can boost your income by registering and working as an affiliate agent for AgriShare. AgriShare is an agricultural company and online marketplace for sharing agricultural machinery, equipment and services. 

Farmers access services via AgriShare App, Web portal, Agents & Customer Centre. Through our Agents Affiliation, AgriShare collaborates with business owners and individuals to refer customers to hire or rent agricultural resources. Our agents model enables AgriShare to reach various parts of Uganda. This has enabled AgriShare to serve customers in Uganda’s most remote areas.

Farmers can access various types of services, including irrigation, tractor, land, processing, farm workers, and trucks. As an AgriShare affiliate agent, you will get an opportunity to earn up to UGX 1,000,000 per month by referring customers to hire or rent agricultural resources via AgriShare. You will also help them do bookings and assist with transaction. 

How to Become an AgriShare Affiliate Agent in Uganda


  • You must have a national ID if you are an individual or trading license if a company.
  • You must have a smart phone.
  • You must have an active phone number

Steps to Follow:

  1. To begin, follow this link to fill an online application form to be an AgriShare affiliate agent in Uganda.
  2. Next, wait for AgriShare management to contact you. This will take up to three working days.

When you finally get approved as an AgriShare Affiliate Agent, all that is left is to hunt for transactions. You will now have to look for as many customers as possible to order for agrishare services through your AgriShare business. For a start, you can start with the people you know, like family and friends. Your affiliate business will grow as more people learn about what you do.


Register here to apply for AgriShare Affiliate Agent in Uganda:

For any inquiries, please feel free to reach us at

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