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Where does the equipment come from?

Any asset owner within the community can provide the equipment if they would like to hire it own. AgriShare promotes the commercial utilization of assets within the community.

What are the payment options?

AgriShare only handles payment through the ecocash mobile money platform. When other payment options are created, users will be notified

Can I access credit for the performance of a service using Agrishare?

No. Agrishare is payment upfront service which seeks to protect both the asset owner and the farmer.

What happens if an asset breaks down when performing a service on my behalf?

The responsibility of maintaining the asset is solely on the asset owner which includes breakdowns. The asset owner is entitled though to the transportation costs and costs relating to the production that had been done before the breakdown. Agrishare customer service will facilitate a proportional refund in the event that the asset can no longer deliver the service.

If I choose to cancel my booking, do I get my money back?

Yes, a refund will be initiated however a penalty fee will be deducted.

If Network goes before I confirm performance of the service, what do I do?

You can contact the Agrishare customer services numbers: In Zimbabwe, please contact us via 0773878939. If in Uganda, please contact us via 0709 740141 or 0770 962656 or email us via In Malawi, please contact us via 0999 643164 or email us via

How do I know my money is safe in the Agrishare wallet?

Agrishare is wholly owned by Welthungerhilfe, a German NGO which has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Zimbabwe. The user of Agrishare can directly approach any Welthungerhilfe office in the event that they pay into Agrishare and no service is delivered.

Is there insurance for my asset in the event that it breaks down delivering a service.

No. The maintenance and repair of equipment is solely the responsibility of the owner.

Am I charged for advertising my equipment on the Agrishare platform.

The Agrishare platform allows asset owners to upload their equipment for hire for free.

If a client lies on the exact location they want the service to be performed what remedy do I have.

Please call customer service on 0773878939.

If the local political leaders ask me to perform a service in a particular area despite an Agrishare booking, can I cancel the booking.

Cancelling a booking but will attract a cancellation fee regardless of the circumstances that led to it.

When I supply the equipment, after how long should I expect payment?

Upon completion and delivery of the service, the payment should not take more than 72 hours.

If a farmer hiring cancels the booking, do I get a fuel refund if I had already set off my farm.

Yes, you will be compensated in proportion to the distance you had travelled to perform the service.

If I choose to temporarily withdraw my service from the platform, will I be penalized. When I want to rejoin will I be charged.

There is no penalty for withdrawing the service as long as they are no outstanding bookings.

Who is behind Agrishare?

Welthungerhilfe a German Development Non-Governmental Organization is behind the Agrishare innovation.

What are the payment options?

In Uganda, the payment options are as follows: 1) Within the App: You can pay within AgriShare App using Airtel Money or MTN MOMO. 2) Bank: Bank Transfer the amount to the business account below: ACCOUNT NAME: AGRISHARE UGANDA LTD ACCOUNT NUMBER: 9030020222769 BANK BRANCH: LUWERO BRANCH BANK: STANBIC BANK UGANDA LTD SWIFT CODE: SBICUGKX 3) Alternatively, payments to AGRISHARE UGANDA LTD can also be done through: Airtel Merchant Code: 1253473 MTN MOMO Code: 633172 FlexiPay Merchant Code: 240378

If Network goes before I confirm performance of the service, what do I do?

You can contact the Agrishare customer services numbers: If in Uganda, please contact us via 0200 280 000 (Call or Whatsapp). Alternatively, you call or 0709 740141 or 0770 962656 or 0779 906962 or email us via

How do I know if my money is safe with AgriShare?

Agrishare Uganda Limited is fully registered and regulated by Uganda Registration Services Bureau (Registration No: 80020003468481). The user of AgriShare can directly approach our offices in Uganda located off Balikyewunya Stage, Near Luwero Police Station, Luwero, Uganda. AgriShare Uganda guarantees refund incase the service is not provided.

Who is behind AgriShare Uganda Ltd?

A Ugandan entreprenuer Paul Zaake, jointly with Welthungerhilfe a German Development Non-Governmental Organization are behind the Agrishare Uganda Ltd.

If a client lies on the exact location they want the service to be performed what remedy do I have?

Please call customer service on 0200 280 000 or 0779 906962

About AgriShare Uganda

AgriShare is dedicated to solving the problem faced by farmers in accessing essential agricultural resources and equipment by providing a platform that connects farmers with underutilized agricultural resources (farm workers and land), and equipment (such as tractors and irrigation systems) owners in their local area. Through the AgriShare mobile app, web portal, Spotted Leader, and Customer Centre, farmers can easily rent or hire these resources at affordable prices. This award-winning unique innovation operates with a mission to make a positive impact on the agricultural sector while also functioning as a for-profit entity. On the supply side, AgriShare offers resource owners the opportunity to generate income by renting out their farming resources to users in need. On the demand side, farmers have access to a wide range of affordable agricultural resources through a user-friendly digital interface embedded with a personal touch.

Where are AgriShare Offices in Uganda?

AgriShare Offices in Uganda are at: 1) Luwero in Luwero District (Call 0757 136 574 / 0763 714 945); Buwenge in Jinja District (Call 0757 136 432 / 0763 714 823); Anaka in Nwoya District (Call 0757 136 404 / 0763 714 894). You can always Whatsapp/Call our Customer Centre via 0200 280 000.

What should I do if I have a complaint or feedback about AgriShare services?

If users encounter errors, unfair treatment, or rule violations during their use of AgriShare, they can utilize the complaint mechanism. Prompt reporting of any issues related to AgriShare services is encouraged. Feedback is valued, and the team is dedicated to resolving concerns. Complaints can be submitted via email to or by contacting the customer complaints hotline at 0200 280 001.

Is there a specific process for handling complaints at AgriShare?

Yes, AgriShare has a formal process for handling complaints. When you report a complaint, our dedicated support team will investigate the issue and work towards resolving it in a fair and timely manner. We aim to keep you informed throughout the process.

What is the Whatsapp number for AgriShare Uganda Team?

Our whatsapp number is 0200 280 000 or +256 200 280 000

What do i do if have challenges in verifying my AgriShare account?

Please contact our team via or call centre team via 0200 280 000 (Airtel) / 0326 100 000 (MTN)

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