AgriShare Connecting you to farm resources

AgriShare Rules: Rules of using the App

  1. Using AgriShare
    1. These rules shall govern the operation and interaction of AgriShare and its users. In case any of the below stated rules are violated, AgriShare reserves the right to block or delete accounts or take legal action.
    2. Agrishare shall be used for the sole purpose of providing farming and farm related services in Zimbabwe/Uganda/Malawi.
    3. The name “Agrishare” may not be used for any other purposes by the users except for the app itself.
  2. Listings
    1. Service providers can add their services using the offering option on AgriShare.
    2. Your equipment needs to be listed under the categories provided by AgriShare.
    3. All information you give about the offered equipment must be accurate and honest.
    4. You can hide the equipment at any time, such equipment will not be available for booking until you press the unhide button. Hiding equipment does not result in cancelation of already confirmed bookings. Those need to be cancelled manually. Read more in Section 3.
    5. You can delete the equipment only if there is no active booking on the equipment. Read more on cancelling bookings in Section 3.
    6. It is your responsibility to ensure that all equipment in your listing that is unhidden is available and operational.
  3. Bookings
    1. Bookings are done through the seeking section. All details as intended by the seeker are to be entered truthfully.
    2. Information entered by the seeker will be matched with the listed equipment. In case of non-availability of the equipment, the seeker has the chance to adjust the dates of the requested service.
    3. Once the seeker requests the equipment, the equipment owner will receive a message that requests confirmation of the availability of the service.
    4. If a service provider fails to confirm a service in three consecutive times, such service provider’s account will be suspended for three months.
    5. Once the service providerhas confirmed the service, it shall be the responsibility of the seeker to pay the service. Failing to pay a service three consecutive times after having send a request shall result in blocking the service for three month.
    6. After payment the equipment owner will receive the contact details of the seeker to discuss details of the booking.
    7. Both the equipment owner and seeker shall be able to cancel a booking. However, cancelation of an already paid booking shall result in a 5% penalty on the next booking charged on the person who cancelled the booking.
    8. If a booking is cancelled, the seeker shall be able to choose a different booking within AgriShare and the previous amount will be credited to the new booking OR the seeker can request to receive its money back. In the latter event AgriShare will refund the amount within 5 business days.
  4. Communication
    1. Before any payment is concluded on AgriShare no direct communication shall be possible between the equipment owner and the seeker.
    2. Once the payment is concluded by the seeker the equipment owner receives the phone number of seeker.
    3. It is the responsibility of all users of AgriShare to maintain their account details up-to-date at all times.
    4. AgriShare users can choose the mode of communication with AgriShare on their profile under notification preferences. The modes of communication offered are push notifications, SMS and email.
    5. Users can contact AgriShare at any time through the feedback sections of the App and website. This shall also be used to report any abuses, sensitive content, complaints or any other information that may be relevant for AgriShare or can improve the services offered by AgriShare.
  5. AgriShare on your device
    1. The installation of AgriShare is free.
    2. To use AgriShare you need a valid Zimbabwean/Ugandan/Malawian phone number.
    3. The installation of Agrishare shall be through Google Playstore or any means of phone to phone sharing which include but are not limited to ShareIt, Cshare, Bluetooth, Wifi-direct and any other mode of sharing.
    4. Logging out of the application is done by pressing on the “Logout” function listed under the profile section. Logging out does not delete the user account but is rather the temporary exit from a user account within your device. All activity such as bookings remain active even in the event of a logout.
  6. Website and app integrations
    1. AgriShare services shall be available on the web and through a mobile phone Application.
    2. The same rules apply for both services.
    3. Equipment listed will be available via both web and app.
  7. Managing your account
    1. First time users of the Agrishare service will be required to create an Agrishare account. This requires the submission of the user’s name, mobile phone number, date of birth and gender. An email address is required when registering for the Web based Agrishare application only. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information on how data collected on the Agrishare App is stored and managed.
    2. It is your responsibility to keep your account details up-to-date at all times.
    3. You can choose your preferred mode of communication. If selected, even when logged out or offline you will receive information from AgriShare via SMS and email.
    4. You can delete your account at any time when there are no pending bookings. If there are pending bookings you can delete your account after 7 days of last service delivery.
  8. Safety, security, security and complaints
    1. The account shall be protected through your Pin. AgriShare will not at any time ask you to share your pin. Users are reminded not to share their 4 digit pin with anyone.
    2. If you forgot your Pin, you will receive a new verification code on the phone number you registered with AgriShare.
    3. If you take note of any misuse and abuse of your account, please report those immediately through the feedback section on our App or website.
    4. If you receive suspicious emails or SMS from AgriShare, please report those immediately through our feedback section and do not respond to them until AgriShare verified the truthfulness of its content.
    5. The privacy of your data is important to us. Any reports produced and publicized will be de-personalized and will be guided by our privacy policy.
    6. If you have any complaints about our services no matter which nature, please report them to us immediately via the feedback section. We will respond to any request within 5 business days.