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This Innovations Wants to Reduce Youth Unemployment

14 June 2022

Mutesasira Stephen, a 29-year-old bodaboda rider left his birth village in 2019 to start a new life in the city of Kampala as a bodaboda rider. His continued failure to make a living from his birthplace pushed him into that. He sold his small piece of land that he had inherited from his parents, bought a motorcycle, and off he went.

“Farming is meant for people who own big chunks of land and can afford to take care of them. To get into farming, you need a lot of capital, that’s why I made this choice,” Mutesasira claims.

Mutesasira is one of a host of young people who have left the countryside to look for ‘quick money jobs’ in the city. But the grass isn't always green on that side. It instead is, in places they abandon. The ‘green golds’ of arable farmland.

The icing on the cake is that innovations like AgriShare can only make farming easier and more lucrative, for the youth, who form the highest percentage of the population and indeed are the most energetic.

With the unemployment curve threatening to rise, at the turn of every year, AgriShare connects young people to jobs in the farming sector countrywide.

Lauben Nabaasa is a testimony to this. He hails from Ntungamo district, South Western Uganda but is now living in Luweero district, where he is working on a multi-acre cabbage farm, owned by Mansour Kyazze.

The beauty about sourcing for jobs on the Agrishare person is that it has no limit to borders. From one corner of the country, a young person can be hired in the other extreme corner of the country. It only gets better, with AgriShare rolling out a feature for skilled farm labor too.

Access to land

Like Serunjoji, a young person cannot earn much beyond hereditary land, in a typical African or Ugandan setup. With this app, land scarcity should be the last worry for the youth who want to do or return to Agriculture. For as low as 100,000UGX, an acre of land is acquired in any village or locality in Uganda!

Dear youth, let’s get fully involved in Agriculture. We still have half the energy, and we are the majority! Motherland can only rely on us for food!

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