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AgriShare launches 'Hire & Get' And Double Your Irrigation Days Promotion

23 September 2022

AgriShare Uganda has launched the  Irrigation ‘Hire & Get’ promotion which gives customers free irrigation days by qualifying for an extra number of irrigation days equivalent to what they have hired for up to the end of November 2022. 

For instance, when a farmer hires the irrigation pump at UGX 15,000 for one day, then he/she gets one extra day for free, whereas a one month hire will give a customer a free bonus month of irrigation. 

Within the Irrigation ‘Hire & Get’ promotion, customers are now also able to opt for irrigation pipes, sprinklers, rain-gun nozzles which doubles the number of days they hire these systems. 

Through the promotion, a one day hire for a 30 metre Irrigation pipe at UGX 5,000, gives a customer another day for free. 

“There is no doubt that affordable irrigation is increasings farmers’ resilience to climate change induced droughts, and AgriShare is the platform of choice for those who are not able to afford buying the expensive irrigation systems. With competitive, value-for-money irrigation for hire services offering on the market, AgriShare Uganda Ltd continues to deliver on its promise of providing easy access to agricultural resources everywhere for everyone.” said Paul Zaake, Managing Director at AgriShare Uganda Ltd. 

Although irrigation in Africa has the potential to double agricultural productivity, food production on the continent is almost entirely rainfed. According to the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), the area equipped for irrigation currently makes up just 6 percent of the total cultivated area.

AgriShare Uganda is a revolutionary agri-tech startup that connects farmers to a vast database of agricultural machinery, equipment, and resources in their select locations to help them have more options for hiring and renting. Farmers can hire irrigation, land, farm workers, processing equipment, and tractors.

“AgriShare matches renters’ needs and owners’ unused or underused resources, creating value to all actors including optimizing efficiency, and reducing costs for both sides.” added Zaake. 

Irrigation ‘Hire & Get’ promotion is available exclusively to AgriShare App users, and valid until the end of November and terms and conditions apply. AgriShare users can hire an irrigation pump and/or pipes with sprinklers or rain-gun nozzles and claim their free bonus day (s). 

Download AgriShare App app via Google play store, or register via our agents, or web portal ( or contact team via the customer centre 0709 740141/ 0770 962656. 

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