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Top five reasons why farmers should use the AgriShare App

14 June 2022

As Agriculture technology evolves, many will want to jump on the revolution. A farmer who is still learning to walk, in this business, may fall prey to several cunning players. We could list a hundred more reasons why you should download and use the AgriShare App, but here are the top five;

1. Luxury to compare prices of resources

Remember that awkward and shameless short walk you embark on after bargaining for an item in the market to the last dot-hoping the seller calls you back. If you are not called back to pay, you are convinced that was indeed the least price and when you’re luckily called back, you walk back bouncing like you have won a lottery. Why the tricks and games though? 

What’s more fun than window-shopping in the comfort of wherever you are and only pressing the order when certainly you can afford the price? The AgriShare app offers that luxury. Whatever service fits your pocket, is what you choose! Yes. Window shopping, on your phone. Order when ready.

2. Land hire

“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.”- Aldo Leopold

Let the above quote be food for thought. 

Moving on, traveling in Sub-Saharan Africa reveals two contrasting patterns, large chunks of bushy land and odd overpopulated villages. Disturbing? Right! With the AgriShare app, you can hire land when you choose to do farming, and that’s the only hurdle. The big deal is that you can hire land from any area of your choice in Uganda. The catch is, that you don’t need millions of money to buy land and start farming!

3. Inspection

Hey ‘officers’, let’s talk to you here. So, you wanna do farming? So, you are worried about how you can monitor your farm’s progress. Hold it there! Don’t risk it, stay in your office. We don’t want you fired!

AgriShare can do all the supervision right from land inspection to harvesting and then post-harvesting. Well, you can chip in when the deadlines are less tight at the office! Sounds good?

4. Sourcing farmworkers

If the above doesn’t seem appealing, well in! Farmworkers! In the history of casual labor, arguably one of the most disturbing stages is sourcing farmworkers and keeping them well under check! AgriShare takes that burden off your back. What sets us apart is that we go ahead and train them and caution them on discipline. That never stops there! We take full responsibility for any liability or loss caused by our farmworkers. Your worker is equally ours!

5. Convenience

All the words will be written but the above sums up to one word. Convenience. To imagine you can hire land in Gulu while stationed in Kabale is insane. To imagine that you can go through an agriculture season without necessarily visiting your farm is out of this world. This literally means you can do farming in your native town in Uganda while on a  study trip in the United Kingdom. The evolution of mobile technology has come with a whole lot of convenience with ordering food, goods, and other services but not until now did we ever imagine agriculture would hugely benefit this way. We are excited! Hope you are too!

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