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AgriShare: The Only Hope for Accessing Affordable Irrigation Systems

14 June 2022

Carry out a random google search about the price of irrigation equipment on the local and international markets and you will give up on farming before you even start.

You will find out that irrigation equipment costs millions of Ugandan shillings, literally, an arm and a leg. It is rather unavoidable if you are to irrigate your farm in an era where there is a rise in extreme climatic conditions like drought.

 In a recent National Irrigation policy report by the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, currently, Uganda’s ratio of cultivated area under irrigation to the irrigation potential is only 0.5%. This compares lowly to 3.6% for Tanzania, 2.0% for Kenya, and 1.6% for Burundi.

Despite the advantages that the country holds in the ease of undertaking irrigation development, the potential has not been harnessed. Uganda’s rain-fed agriculture has progressively been constrained by frequent threats of, and actual occurrence of, droughts and floods affecting efforts for increased production; fight against hunger and poverty.

Uganda’s vulnerability to climate change is exacerbated by a rapidly growing population, a factor that has increased pressure on natural resources (mainly wetlands and forest covers) leading to environmental degradation.

In 2010, alone, drought accounted for 38% and 36% loss in production for beans and maize respectively. In, 2014, the country registered Uganda shillings 2.8 trillion (8%) loss of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 87% loss to agro-industries.

These conditions translate into the country’s food consumption gaps, and high Global Median Acute Malnutrition (GAM) rates, with many people marginally able to meet their minimum food, needs especially during dry spells.

Uganda has one of the highest irrigation potentials in the world with over 15% of her surface area covered by freshwater resources.

Aware of both the challenges and opportunities, AgriShare enables small and large holder farmers to hire irrigation equipment for very low prices. Hiring equipment like a water pump goes for as low as 10000UGX (less than 4 dollars). So what are you waiting for, Visit the AgriShare application today and place your order!

Buying your own is soon, but for now, we will make life easy on your farm and fulfill our country’s irrigation potential!




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