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Bridging the Gap: AgriShare and The Innovation Village Partnering to Connect Farmers to Solar Technology Innovations

12 June 2024

The AgriShare Connect 2024 event marked a significant milestone in bridging the gap between solar technology innovators and farmers in Luweero, a district known for its vibrant agricultural community. Held on Friday, June 7, 2024, the event saw participation from over 500 people, including farmers, community leaders, development organizations, and financing bodies.

This initiative aims to bridge the information gap between technological solutions and agricultural needs on the ground. By facilitating direct dialogue, the event fosters collaboration and innovation, ensuring that solar technologies are tailored to meet the specific challenges faced by farmers.

Event Highlights

The community engagement event featured a series of interactive activities:

1. Town Hall Training and Sharing: Experts trained farmers about climate change and the need for action through adaptation and mitigation. Trainers highlighted the importance and application of solar technologies in agriculture sector. Farmers voiced their challenges and needs, while innovators introduced their solar technologies and explained their benefits.


2. Exhibitions and Demonstrations: On-site demonstrations showcased the practical applications of solar technologies in farming.

3. Feedback and Collaboration Sessions: Structured feedback sessions allowed farmers to provide insights on the demonstrated technologies, fostering a collaborative atmosphere.


Key Innovations and Exhibitors

  • AgriShare App: Connecting farmers to solar equipment for hire or sale.
  • Buganda Kingdom: Exhibited traditional innovations towards climate change resilience.


  • Central Izana Solar Solutions: Sells solar cameras.
  • Karaa: Sells electric delivery bicycles.
  • Luk Solar: Sells solar fridges.
  • Royal Milk: Selling SunCool, which cools milk and provides a market for milk.
  • Sun Culture: Sells solar irrigation pumps.
  • Tulima Solar: Sells solar irrigation pumps.


Looking Ahead

The collaboration between AgriShare App and The Innovation Village represents a significant leap towards sustainable and efficient agricultural practices in Uganda. By leveraging solar technologies and fostering community engagement, they are addressing immediate agricultural challenges and paving the way for a greener, more prosperous future.

As Uganda stands on the brink of a green energy revolution, initiatives like AgriShare  highlight the transformative power of technology and community-driven innovation. Together, the partners are planting the seeds for a sustainable and bountiful agricultural landscape, ensuring that farmers have the tools and resources they need to thrive in an ever-changing world.

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