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AgriShare Formally Launches in Uganda

12 May 2022

Over a year later, Agrishare Uganda officially rolled out its services to the general public on Thursday 5th May 2020. It’s been a long time coming as before the launch farmers were already enjoying one of Agriculture’s modern innovations in Africa. 

At Pearl of Africa Hotel in Nakasero, multi-national guests from all walks of life thronged the colorful event that lasted half a day.

Welthungerhilfe country director Christian Schniepper speaking at the launch of AgriShare App in Uganda

Kicking it off were opening remarks from Agrishare’s partner organization Welthungerhilfe country director Christian Schniepper, who re-echoed their continued support initiatives that address hunger and poverty.


With the support from Welthungerhilfe, Agrishare works as a social enterprise. The goal is not to make abnormal profits, but to sustainably connect farmers to resources.

Joshua Isiko of the Science and Technology and innovation Secretariat under the office of the president, while appearing on the day’s panel encouraged young people to come up with more innovative ideas like the AgriShare App and engage the body.

“We will help you ideate and pilot it until your solution or product starts reaping dividends and also providing solutions to communities,” Isiko added.

Giving more life to the event was AgriShare Uganda managing director, Paul Zaake, with a well-crafted presentation to an attentive audience, Zaake shoot his shot!

AgriShare Uganda managing director, Paul Zaake at the Launch event

“Many Farmers have been not enjoying their farming journey over the years because of lack of access to service providers, but now with the AgriShare App they will have a reason to be excited,” Zaake said.

The minister of National Guidance, Information, Communication, and Technology Dr. Chris Baryomunsi who presided over the launch said that government welcomes such innovations and will engage the innovator and see how it can be integrated with the Parish Development Model. This was welcomed with a thunderous round of applause.

Hon. Chris Baryomunsi speaking at the launch of AgriShare App in Uganda

“The ministry of ICT and that of Agriculture, Animal husbandry, and Fisheries which are the line ministries will arrange a meeting with Agrishare and forge a way forward on how best it can be used in the Parish Development Model(a parish-based government to citizen prosperity initiative”.  Dr. Baryomunsi promised.

Earlier common in every speech and presentation was the worry about high internet prices and coverage, provided the rise of internet-based applications like Agrishare. Honorable Baryomunsi calmed the worries down, with the announcement that the government is working on rolling out the internet infrastructures to all parts of the country. He also promised that the government would work with telecom companies to revise internet rates by revising related taxes.


“At least half the country has been connected to the internet system and now the government is working on connecting all the remaining districts,” Dr. Baryomunsi said.

Also in attendance were representatives from the office of the prime minister, the Ministry of Agriculture, and AgriShare Zimbabwe officials among other notable guests.

Beneficiary testimony

Sarah Namubiru, a former agricultural extension worker in Luweero district and now a renowned farmer said the AgriShare App is a timely innovation that will help solve the challenges like the long dry spell that farmers have been facing.

Mrs. Namubiru Sarah during the Panel Discussion at the Launch of AgriShare App event in Uganda

In a panel appearance, she shared that she has easily accessed labor and land from AgriShare since its inception.

 “With AgriShare, the huge challenge of lack of land will be history soon. Those lacking land will get to know where there is land for hiring and given a short time, all the idle land in Uganda will be fully utilized,” Namubiru added.

The event was capped off with revealing the AgriShare application dummy, cutting cake, and then a grand lunch feast. From now on, ladies and gentlemen, the AgriShare App! Let’s go farming!


For more photos about the event, please click here.

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