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Agrishare Application fostering the road to Food Security, the story of Talent Ndlovu

19 September 2019

Talent Ndlovu registering local community members on the AgriShare application

My name is Talent Ndlovu aged 28 and reside in village 1A Merryland Farm in ward 10 of Umguza District, Matabeleland Province of Zimbabwe. I am a small holder farmer specialising in dry land agriculture. Most of the people in my community are smallholder farmers and our main source of livelihood for generations has been agriculture. Over the years, we have experienced a lot natural and man-made challenges that have affected our agricultural production. However in recent years the increased migration of young males to South Africa has created a huge labour vacuum to most households. Most households in my community are manned by women and elderly persons who are unable to work on the land and produce enough for their families. 

When the AgriShare application was introduced in our community I was shocked but excited about what it can achieve. I never envisioned us being able to hire tractors and lorries from the comfort of our homes.  Many families in my community receive remittances from South Africa so they are able to easily source equipment and cover the labour gap. This provides an opportunity to use mechanized equipment thereby increasing effectiveness and efficiency in our agriculture. I took up the responsibility of being a brand ambassador and to date have registered more than 20 people. I see my community being able to improve their productivity and being food sufficient through the use of the AgriShare Appplication.

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